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Yosemite Menu Bar Icon for Mint QuickView

Yosemite Menu Bar Icon for Mint QuickView

Since upgrading to Yosemite, I’ve wanted to switch my interface to “dark mode”, but there were a few incompatible menu bar apps holding me back. One of these was Mint QuickView, which both looked awful with a dark menu bar and contained an old, outdated logo. To remedy this, I created a quick drop-in replacement for the ugly icon.

Annoyingly, Mint QuickView has not been updated since Feb 14th, 2013, almost two years ago as of this post. Customer requests for a refresh have been met with notifications that Intuit has no plans to update QuickView going forward. It’s a shame because the app still functions well and I use it all the time.

Luckily, this app does not sign its resources, so we can go in and update the icon ourselves. Taking Intuit’s new Mint logo, I decided to go in and do just that. Here is a quick before and after comparison for the colored and uncolored icon in both dark and light menu bar modes:

Mint QuickView Menubar before and After


If you want to do this yourself, simply download and extract mint-quickview-icon.zip, then find your Mint QuickView.app in Applications, right click it and select “Show Package Contents”:

Show Package Contents

Then, locate the “Resources” folder, and drag all of the extracted images directly into it:

Drag Icon Resources

You will be prompted to enter your password, and then asked whether you wish to replace these files. Simply check “Apply to All” and then select “Replace”.

Re-launch the QuickView app and it should be sporting a new look that hopefully will no longer cause your eyes to bleed.